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MAG Device Review and Setup Guide

An Overview of MAG Device

MAG devices are considered to be the best streaming media players in the market. The reason why it is so popular is because of its high speed, simple-to-use feature, and exceptional streaming performance. The user interface is seamless and highly responsive. Mag devices let you switch from one channel to another in a fraction of a second, and all the features that are required to get the most of the IPTV services will be there.

Here’s How You Can Setup IPTV on a MAG Device

Step 1: Once the IPTV mag device is loaded, you will see the main portal screen. Click on the Settings option and then press setup/set on your remote control.

Step 2: After that, you need to click on the “System settings,” followed by “Servers.”

 Step 3: Now, hit the “Portals” option.

Step 4:   Enter “IPTV” in the Portal 1 name. You will see the Portal 1 URL option; here, you need to enter the portal address that you have received from your IPTV distributor. The portal address can be received after sharing the MAC device address. You will find it on the backside of your box. 

Step 5:  Once everything is done, you need to press OK. This will save the changes, and then you need to hit the EXIT option on the remote control. Click on General after that. Go to the NTP server, and enter “pool.ntp.org” or “us.pool.ntp.org” if you are in North America.
Click on the OK setting to save all the changes.

Click on EXIT two times on the remote control. After that, restart the portal.

Your setup is completed, and you are ready to watch Live TV.

If you are interested to see adult content, the password should be 0000. However, if the user has changed the password, you need to get the password from the user.