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The TVIP S-box, is one of popular STB box specially in Sweden which have build-in Stalker platform to handle your IPTV subscriptions Channels and VOD over MAC address connection. TVIP is very similar to the MAG boxes and somehow emulates the MAG box embedded software.


Install IPTV on TVIP

Time needed: 6 minutes.

Learn how to bring IPTV channels on TVIP?

1.Navigate to Settings

Start from the main menu and select the Settings

2.Choose Content source type

Now on the right menu select the TV icon and then on the right side change the Content source to Web portal and click on Set up web portal

3.Set Web portal settings

Set Portal URL  (you can ask for Stalker server address from your IPTV distributor )
Set Use Web Portal : Whole system and be sure  API mode is : MAG ( in Old firmwares you can choose GSTB instead of MAG )
Press  Apply
Attention : Your MAC address must be assigned in server . Clients  can assign MAC address via  client dashboard  or ask your IPTV provider to do it.

4.Wait to load portal

After adding your portal server address, you must wait for the portal to load your playlist. This might take a few minutes